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        Contributor's Guidelines: The Home Forum

        E-mail address for queries and submissions: homeforum@csmonitor.com


        The Home Forum is looking for upbeat, personal essays from 400 to 800 words. We also welcome short poems. All material must be original and previously unpublished. For seasonal material, be aware that if you submit something that is about a particular month, holiday, event (back to school, graduation), or season, we need to receive it a minimum of six weeks ahead.

        More on essays

        These are first-person, nonfiction explorations of how you responded to a place, a person, a situation, an event, or happenings in everyday life. Tell a story; share a funny true tale. The humor should be gentle.

        We accept essays on a wide variety of subjects, and encourage timely, newsy topics. However, we don't deal with the topics of death, aging and disease.

        Some examples:

        It's raining acorns!
        In the basement, we putter and flutter
        Thanksgiving for two

        We are always looking for essays on travel, parenting (your experiences with children as opposed to advice for someone else), home, family, gardening, neighborhood, and community.

        A flying carpet ride of memories
        On this trip to Egypt, the beggars were the ones who gave 
        The language is different; the feeling is universal

        More on poetry

        Poetry that appears in The Home Forum explores and celebrates life. It provides a respite from the bleakness that appears in so much contemporary verse. We are particularly interested in poetry that has an international flavor or that offers some global or cultural insights. Short poems are more likely to be accepted (because of space constraints) than poems that are more than 18 lines long.

        We do not publish work that presents people in helpless or hopeless states. Nor do we print poetry about death, aging, and illness, or anything dark, violent, sensual or overtly religious.

        Submissions are now accepted only by e-mail, one poem per e-mail; no more than 5 poems submitted at one time. In order to preserve line breaks and indents, you may want to consider using a Microsoft Word attachment. (We are not able to open any other attachments. If you don't use Word, please paste the text into the e-mail.)

        How to pitch and follow up

        Personal essays, travel, and poetry: Submit finished work only to homeforum@csmonitor.com. (Please be aware that if your e-mail account has a spam filter that blocks messages from "unauthorized" senders – and you have not added Home Forum to your authorized list – you will not hear from us.)

        Thank you for not e-mailing the section's editors directly; that only slows down consideration of your work. Always use homeforum@csmonitor.com. We are not able to respond to individual submissions, but will contact you within three weeks of receiving your essay or poem if we plan to use it.

        Please note

        Be sure to include your contact information (e-mail address, daytime telephone, mailing address) with your submission. Please include a word count with essay submissions.

        We are unable to accept:

        Faxed submissions.
        Telephone queries. 
        Simultaneous submissions.
        Previously published material.
        Articles that result from a press trip, free lodging or meals, etc.

        We look forward to working with you.

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